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TV Shows in the NYC Area: Free Tickets To The Public

New York City often has over 40 TV show tapings happening at any one time. Visitors should consider attending a TV taping during their stay in the Big Apple, with some less-popular TV shows actually paying the audience to come to see their show. The range of TV shows in NYC includes everything from the uber-political Late Show with Stephen Colbert all the way to the fun and wild Wendy Williams Show, where hot topics and funny guests rule supreme. There are a number of popular food TV shows in NYC including Beat Bobby FlayThe Chew and Rachael Ray but fans often go home hungry from these shows, so eat before you go. The daytime yakkers in NYC include The View and Live with Kelly and Ryan, but most of the TV talk shows are now based in Los Angeles. The most popular late night shows in NYC are the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Saturday Night Live is the hardest ticket to get and may require being in the standby ticket line for many hours. There are sporadic taping of off-the wall shows like The CNN Quiz Show, Centerstage, Emeril Live, Match Game and Wild’n Out. Comedy shows in the NYC area are not that well represented with most of them being political comedy, these shows include The Greg Gutfeld Show, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver and The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper. The President Show Starring Anthony Atamanuik could also fit into this category. A few shows are shot in Danbury CT and include The People’s Court, Jerry Springer and The Steve Wilkos Show. There are three “live from the plaza” morning TV shows  that include Good Morning America, The Today Show and Fox and Friends. The first two being broadcast on TV and the latter on cable TV.

There are a lot of TV show choices for any visitor to see and latest list of TV shows can be seen at