Top Ten Best Attractions in NYC

There are many attractions in NYC that are fun to visit for both the local and the visitor alike. We have listed the top ten attractions in New York City that are open for the business of fun.

Times Square on Broadway

NYC Attraction No 10:

Times Square

Times Square is the tourist epicenter of NYC and no visitor to Manhattan will miss out on visiting this spot. Its the busiest part of the city surrounded by shops restaurants, museums, theaters and much more. One of the highlights of the times square area are the giant red staircase where locals and tourists gather to snap pictures, take a break or have a bite to eat. The staircase is located above the TKTS booth where you can get last minute tickets to the shows that run in the surrounding theaters. Times Square is the hub of the theater district where many of the top Broadway shows currently run. It is also home to the annual new years eve ball drop. Every year over a million people gather to so see the live entertainment and ring in the new year as the Waterford Crystal ball drops high above the skyscrapers. In recent years The Ball has become a permanent fixture so visitors can view it throughout the year. The large newly pedestrianized area in the middle of Times Square is also where you will find the many large retail stores like the multi floor Disney Store, which is open all hours and then there is the M&M store, and even Hardrock Cafe. Times Square is great for tourists and just awful for locals, who give it a wide berth.

Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden

NYC Attraction No 9

Madison Square Garden

“The World’s Most Famous Arena” has long been the entertainment hub of NYC. Whether hosting a sporting event, concert, or even a comedy special, Madison Square Garden is the premiere New York City destination for live entertainment. In the world of professional sports, the NHL’s New York Rangers and the NBA’s New York Knicks MSG home. Starting in 2014, singer Billy Joel took up a permanent residency at MSG, playing one concert a month indefinitely. Other notable acts and events that have taken place at the Garden in the past include: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Madonna, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, three Wrestle Manias, the NFL Draft, and the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Garden has a capacity of 19,812 making it one of the largest indoor arenas in the country. Also located inside of MSG is the Hulu Theater, a small theater that seats between 2,000 and 5,600 people, depending on the seat configuration. The Hulu Theater is mainly used for concerts, smaller scale stage shows, and many graduation ceremonies including NYU and Columbia University . Madison Square Garden is located between 7th and 8th avenues, and sits directly above Penn Station.

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

NYC Attraction No 8

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal is much more than just a commuter rail terminal, it is an iconic transport hub that is steeped in NYC history. The station is located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan and is a favorite spot for both tourists and locals to visit. The Great Hall provides the most dramatic experience with its huge painted ceiling and hourly light show. This part of the station has been featured in many Hollywood movies for its amazing vista and incredible experience, that cannot be fairly duplicated on film. The main food market on the ground floor brings in a huge choice of fresh produce and food choices. The basement provides a never ending choice of cafes and restaurants, that satisfy all palates. Grand Central also has many hidden away gems, like The Cooper Apartment (now a bar) and The Jefferies Club (a private invite-only club). Grand Central is the epitome of a great planning as this station used to be one where you would not want to linger and now it has become a place where you will want to stay for a while. Oh, by the way, they also have trains at this station, but who would know?

Live taping of Good Morning America
Live taping of Good Morning America

NYC Attraction No 7

TV Show Tapings

Going to see a NYC TV Show taping is a MUST when in town. Attending a TV show taping is completely free. In- fact, some TV shows will even pay you to attend the taping. Seeing your favorite TV show host live and at completely no cost makes attending a TV show taping extremely exciting. NYC TV shows that are taped in front of a live audience range from morning shows, talk shows, games shows, court shows, late-night talk shows and many more. Requesting TV show tickets can be tricky because most TV shows are not very open about details on how to request tickets or any other information like studio details and show dress code. All of the information that you need about TV show tickets can be found at TV Show Tapings.

Broadway Show Posters

NYC Attraction No 6

Broadway Shows

A very popular destination in NYC is seeing a Broadway Show. Unlike any where else on earth, theatre productions are a huge deal on NYC’s Broadway and are very popular with visitors and locals. There are over 40 Broadway shows happening at any one time and there is even a thriving Off-Broadway scene of another 60 theatres, where playwrights and authors earn their stripes. The majority of Broadway shows are musicals, but a quarter of Broadway theatres are better for plays and some amazing shows (and talent) can be seen there. Many Hollywood A-Listers like to develop their skills by taking a stab on Broadway and many have met with critical acclaim and have been a big hit with audiences. The most popular shows can run a bit pricey, with tickets to the hottest shows running over $500, but most shows have good tickets at less than $100, which makes Broadway an attraction that all that participate in. There is a half price stand in Times Square that offers discount tickets to shows that are no longer popular, and this location is popular with tourists who do not need to see the latest hit show. Tickets to Broadway shows can be found at Broadway Show Tickets

Fifth Ave, New York City
Fifth Ave, New York City

NYC Attraction No 5

Madison Ave and Fifth Ave Shopping

Shopping in NYC can be an amazing experience and Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue shopping is the epicenter. The stores in and around this area cater for any budget ranging from bargain basement stores like Forever 21 all the way up to high end luxury retail stores like Gucci and Prada. Scattered along Fifth Ave are some of the Largest Department stores in the city. This is where the famous department store Saks Fifth Ave first started off and Fifth Ave is also home to Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman. At all of these department stores you can shop till hearts content and even grab a bite to eat or pamper yourself at a spa treatment. Located on the parallel Ave to Fifth Ave along Madison Ave is Barneys which is another department store that is based in NYC. Barneys is a high end luxury department store that carries many luxury brand items like designer bags shoes cloths and jewelry from both American and European designers. Madison Ave is also home to many other retail stores so you can shop all day or just stop by the one of the department stores and pick up a special gift.

NYC Attraction No 4

Central Park, Bryant Park and Battery Park NYC Collage

Central Park, Bryant Park and Battery Park NYC

The Parks in NYC:
Central Park, Bryant Park and Battery Park

It is hard to believe that in a city full of towering skyscrapers there is any green or park space at all, however NYC is home to many green spaces. The largest and most famous of all is Central Park. Located between the upper west and upper east side of Manhattan the park has many walk ways, cycle paths, a lake and even and an ice rink for tourists and locals to enjoy. On any given day you will find many activities taking place in the park. You can wonder around exploring the different areas find a quite spot to take a nap of even visit the Central Park Zoo which is located within the park.
South of Central Park and close to Times Square there is Bryant Park, a much smaller park but still as entertaining and fun packed. Bryant Park is nestled in the middle of many large buildings and busy roads and is surrounded by many small food huts and bars. People from the surrounding offices use is as a perfect space for a summer lunch break. Also in the summer months, the park is home to many outdoor activities like “yoga in the park”, and “movies in the park”. In the winter Bryant Park is transformed into a winter wonderland with an ice rink and a carousel for everyone to enjoy. Located on the southern tip of the island is Battery Park which faces the New York harbor. From here you can get ferries across to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Battery park is the home of the Sea glass Carousel which was designed to resemble an under the sea garden and also Castle Clinton which is best remembered as the the first us immigration station.

Tallest Buildings in NYC

NYC Best Attraction No 3: Tall Buildings

Empire State, Top of The Rock and Freedom Tower

New York City has many tall buildings and its good fun to try to go up all of them. The Empire State Building has long been a fan favorite, but with its long lines and run-down infrastructure, it is not as great as the classic movies make it out to be and is now best to be avoided. The nearby Top of The Rock is located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza and is a bit better and provides great views of the Empire State Building for some great Instagram moments, but this building has a whopping entrance price tag, making it one of the most overpriced visitor experiences in NYC. The One World Observatory is downtown at One World Trade Center (also known as the Freedom Tower) is better priced and has ten turbo elevators that climb 102 stories in just 47 seconds. This building is the newest tall building in NYC and has a great multi media experience but many describe the experience as a bit fake (The through-the-floor view used in their promotions is fake as the top floor cannot see through to the ground) The cost of this attraction is lower then the other two, but its downtown location makes it a little inconvenient for tourists, unless they are already down there.

High Line NYC
High Line Park

NYC Attraction No 2

The High Line Park

The High Line Park is billed as New York Cities “park” in the sky. The above ground walkway runs from Ganesvoort Street in the meat packing district all the way to 30th street by Hudson Yards. What was formally the train track that allowed trains to carry goods in and out of New York City has over the past years been transformed by an array of plants and wildlife that have been introduced over the years to create a park in the sky. The first part of the High Line Park first opened in 2009 and since then the second phase opened in 2011. The plants and trees in the first section have now taken root and you can take a leisurely walk along the High Line taking in the wildlife and plants or use it as a quick walk way avoiding the stop start of the streets down below. Along the way you can stop and enjoy the views or take in the artists who exhibit there work along the way. Just above the Chelsea market and below the standard hotel you will find a bunch of different vendors who sell artisanal foods and dessert items that you can buy and enjoy on one of the benches located among the plants and viewing decks. A section of the High Line also as mini water sprinklers for the kids and big kids to enjoy on a hot summers day.

The Vessel
The Vessel

NYC Attraction No 1:
The Vessel at Hudson Yards

The Hudson Yards is a new development on the West Side built over the old west side rail yards, Hudson Yards. This area has now been fully transformed with the addition of restaurants, stores and offices. In addition to this there is The Vessel which is the newest attraction to NYC and it is not like anything that people have seen before. The landmark which has an elaborate honeycomb like structure that towers 16 stories into the New York skyline. It was designed by the British designer Thomas Heatherwick and is the main attraction in the Hudson Yards area. At your leisure you can climb up and down the different staircases, remember your comfy shoes as you can get carried away with the unlimited options for making your way to the top. From the top of the Vessel you can enjoy views across the Hudson River and over the newly constructed gardens that are all part of Hudson Yards. When you take a look down the center of the structure you will see how The Vessel looks like a honey comb as the can see all the levels meet at the bottom.