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New York has some of the best sports teams in America and armies of passionate sports fans are always ready to cheer them on. Much like other metropolitan cities around the United States, New York City has baseball, basketball, football, and ice hockey – all conveniently located in close proximity to New York City. Where New York City does differ is that it has many choices in world-class sports teams in a relatively small geographic area, with a huge population with disposable income, fueling the fire for New York sports tickets demand.

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MLB Baseball teams like the Yankees and the Mets are very well known, but other New York baseball teams are also a great choice, including the Brooklyn Cyclones and Staten Island Yankees. Many New York sports teams aren’t actually based, or actually play, in New York City, but are in surrounding areas including New Jersey, Long Island, and in other locations in New York State. The New York Knicks, for example, almost never come into New York City, other than to play a scheduled game at MSG in Midtown NY, preferring to be based at the Madison Square Garden training facility in Tarrytown, NY, some 20 miles away (some Knicks fans believe that this is why the Knicks play with little heart, because they are based in a remote location and don’t feel “connected” to New York City).

New York Sports Teams Ticket Prices

Because of New York’s burgeoning population, team sport popularity, and higher-than-average wages, prices for sports tickets in the New York area have been reaching fever pitches over the last few years. Ticket price market manipulation by ticket brokers (and ticket scalpers), coupled with sports teams’ lack of strategy to deal with it, has further exacerbated the situation. Using the New York Yankees as an example, the face value of a New York Yankees ticket has increased above inflation for the last 22 years and it has been shown that a field box ticket between the bases was 4% of average weekly salary 20 years ago to a whopping 27% today. That assumes you can even buy the ticket at face value, as in most cases ticket brokers are using technologies to exclude regular fans and snapping up all the ticket inventory and then artificially starving the market to increase their ticket inventory value, which they then drip feed back to the market to keep aftermarket prices higher.

Clearly, the New York Yankees is not a charity, but a profit making business and they have every right to achieve the highest price for their product that the market will tolerate. If they didn’t attempt to find the fair market value (FMV) on the price of a Yankees ticket, then a ticket scalper would find it and pocket the yield for their trouble. Others argue that there should be honor in sports and those regular sports fans shouldn’t be relegated to watching their favorite sports team on TV, while the corporate fat cats (whom have no interest in the sport) snap up all the high priced tickets for their clients.

With this in mind, we have listed all forms of discount tickets that we could find for the various New York teams including the New York Yankees, New York Mets, New York Jets, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Giants, and the New Jersey Devils.

New York Yankees Discount Tickets
New York Yankees Discount Tickets

New York Yankees Discount Tickets
How To Get These Elusive Tickets

Despite the immense popularity of the New York Yankees baseball franchise, it is still possible to get Yankees tickets at a discount price. There are several New York Yankee discount ticket options available out there for the cash-strapped Yankees baseball fan. 

Most of these discount Yankees tickets can be purchased online at, directly at Yankee Stadium, at the Yankees Clubhouse shops, or through Ticketmaster. Bear in mind though that Ticketmaster charges an additional fee of nearly $10 per Yankees ticket, just for the luxury of using their web site for the transaction, so the other locations are recommended. The $10 fee for the $5 special tickets is clearly absurd.To learn about the many different types of Yankees discount ticket options available, please take a look at our informative article on how to get discount Yankees tickets

New York Mets Discount Tickets

Mets Discount Tickets
Batter Up! Time To Get Some Savings

With a few rather disappointing seasons under their belt, the New York Mets baseball team has smartly realized that a good way to reward the loyal fans is to give them discount Mets tickets. For 2011, regular Mets tickets prices will be an average of 14% cheaper than last season. Furthermore, New York Mets season ticket holders can expect to save an additional 10% on their Mets tickets.But if the Mets ticket price reduction is not enough to entice you to buy game tickets, then Stubhub is usually a reliable way to get discount Mets tickets for individual games. Many of the New York Mets tickets being sold on StubHub are from Mets season ticket holders (normally Stubhub is just full of ticket brokers, but they don’t bother much with Mets tickets) who can’t use their tickets for that particular game. Except on certain occasions like popular weekend games or special event ball games, they usually sell their tickets for a cheaper price than you’d get buying them directly from the Mets. Student Mets fans should keep their eyes peeled for the occasional student ticket discount. New York University’s Ticket Central often sells New York Mets tickets for as low as $3 for several games throughout the season. It’s usually arranged prior to the season, on so called “soft games” when the other team is not that popular. But sometimes it turns out that star pitchers can be pitching against each other, which makes the Mets game a great deal more competitive and enjoyable, a boon for the student paying student prices for Mets tickets. Mets Group Sales Tickets. New York Mets group tickets start at groups of 25 people and can get much, much larger. The Mets are happy to accommodate everything from a night with a big group of friends to a huge company outing. Benefits to getting Mets group tickets include great seat locations, a scoreboard welcome for the group, and special gifts and well as a discount on the face value of the tickets.To learn about the many different types of Mets discount ticket options available, please take a look at our informative article on how to get discount Mets tickets

New York Rangers Discount Tickets

Getting Discount Deals on New York Rangers Tickets

Devoted New York Rangers fans will find that buying Rangers season tickets is a great way to get significant ticket savings on Rangers games. Some fans may be reluctant to make that kind of commitment, but they can defray the total cost for New York Rangers season tickets by chipping in with friends who are also big Rangers fans and willing to share the season subscription. Tickets to individual games can also be re-sold to other fans online.Group sales are a great way to get New York Rangers ticket discounts. So if you’re able to gather a big group of fellow fans, or if you want to take a bunch of family for a fun day out, you can contact the New York Rangers to get a group ticket discount.New York University students can sometimes get discounts to New York Rangers games through NYU’s Ticket Central, where discount sports tickets are frequently distributed to students with a valid ID.
To have Rangers discount information delivered directly to you, go to the famed ice hockey team’s web site and sign up for the New York Rangers’ e-newsletter to find out about special deals and promotions.

New Jersey Devils Discount Tickets

How To Get Discount New Jersey Devils Tickets

We recommend joining the Devils Fan Club for regular discount opportunities to individual games. New Jersey Devils season ticket holders can also purchase additional seats at a discount price. If you are able to gather a big group of Devils fans to take in an ice hockey game, then you will find that significant savings are available when you buy Devils group tickets (usually available for groups of 10-20 or more). New Jersey Devils group ticket savings average 20-25% off regular priced tickets, but you can get almost 50% savings when your group gets as large as 500.The Devils are no strangers to discount codes. These New Jersey Devils discount codes can usually be found by searching online Devils fan forums, and they can be used to purchase New Jersey Devils tickets at a discount when the code is used at

New York Knicks Discount Tickets
New York Knicks Discount Tickets

Get Great Discounts on New York Knicks Tickets

Apparently in an attempt to hook ’em while they’re young, the New York Knicks frequently offer student discount tickets. The ticket savings can be as much at 50% and over for select Knicks games when the ticket buyer shows his or her student ID card at the Madison Square Garden box office. New York area students should also check any college campus ticketing programs, such as New York University’s Ticket Central, as they sometimes offer extremely low-priced tickets to students for certain basketball games.
A full season ticket subscription is a reliable way to get discounted New York Knicks tickets. Season ticket subscribers can save up to 25% off of individual Knicks ticket prices. Groups, too, can get discount New York Knicks tickets when they buy a big batch of tickets at the special discount group ticket rate.If you are looking for a discount New York Knicks ticket to a single game, you can always visit StubHub to see if other Knicks fans are selling off tickets. If there isn’t too much demand for tickets to that particular Knicks game, then you may find that the fans will be selling their unused New York Knicks tickets at a discount price.

New York Jets Discount Tickets
New York Jets Discount Tickets

Passing the Ticket Savings To New York Jets Fans

Though not as popular as New York’s other football team, the New York Giants, the New York Jets have a very strong fan base. The owners of the Jets aren’t necessarily so loyal in return, as they continue to push overpriced seats that no average fan could possibly afford, even blatantly advertising the idea that New York Jets season tickets are a great way to impress a business client, leaving the actual fans and their families as an afterthought. Not surprisingly, discount New York Jets tickets are hard to come by. Through, you can sign up for the New York Jets official e-newsletter, which often includes special offers and promotions. 
The Jets also sometimes offer special discounts, such as a ticket discount for military personnel, but the New York Jets are the most inactive team when it comes to ticket promotions.

New York Giants Discount Tickets
New York Giants Discount Tickets

How New York Giants Fans Can Receive Discount Tickets

Another New York team that plays in New Jersey, the New York Giants have an unusually loyal fan base, and there is a long waiting list for season tickets. It is surprising that the team hasn’t completely alienated its fans at this point, though, because not only do they charge a considerable amount of money for season tickets to begin with, but they also recently required season ticket holders to purchase a Personal Seat License (PSL), which is an additional payment of anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000 (depending on the location of the seat) to “secure” the seat. This fee is paid in addition to the regular cost of the season tickets. (New York Jets fans are also required to purchase a PSL in order to keep their season seats.) It is not quite clear what buyers of this PSL got, other than the right to but their own season tickets. It is unclear when the New York Giants will require another PSL payment, possibly higher than the last.The net result for New York Giants discount ticket hunters is that deals can be hard to find for this particular New York franchise (which also has an equally strong following of New Jersey fans). New York Giants bargain hunters’ best bet is to look for tickets online. Season ticket holders who can’t make a particular game will often sell their tickets online, and if the game in question is not especially popular (such as when the Giants are playing an unpopular team), then you may be lucky enough to snag a New York Giants ticket at a discount. The official NFL ticket exchange site is Ticketmaster’s Ticket Exchange, but you should also look at web sites such as Craigslist for bargains on these tickets. StubHub, which is primarily a shark infested pool of ticket scalpers and brokers, rarely sees a bargain ticket to the NY Giants, because ticket brokers will often hold on to ticket inventory so they don’t set off a selling frenzy, instead selling the unsold inventory outside the stadium on the night of the game.